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She Will Be Loved

เนื้อเพลง : She Will Be Loved
นักร้อง : Maroon 5

Beauty queen of only eighteen
She had some trouble with herself
He was always there to help her
She always belonged to someone else
I drove for miles and miles
And wound up at your door
I’ve had you so many times
But somehow I want more
I don’t mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile

You’re Still The One

เนื้อเพลง : You’re Still The One

นักร้อง : Shania Twain

When I firest saw you, I saw love
And the first time you touched me
I felt love and after all this time
You’re still the one I love Mmm…Yeah

Looks like we made it
Look how far we’ve come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we’d get there someday

Take me to your heart

เนื้อเพลง : Take me to your heart
นักร้อง : Michael Learns To Rock

Hiding from The Rain and Snow
Trying to forget but I won’t let go
Looking at a crowded street
Listening to my own heart beat

Britney Spears – Everytime

เนื้อเพลง : Everytime
นักร้อง : Britney Spears

Come notice me and take my hand
So why are we Strangers when
Our love is strong Why carry on without me?